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What we stand for

At Codaisseur, we're very passionate about what we do. We challenge our students, change their lives, and energise the local tech industry. We love teaching and helping people learn about the newest coding trends. We help people grow and we love it!

By doing so, we've also managed to create a large community consisting of graduates, their employers, and all kinds of other people interested in or working in the tech industry. Together, we organise lots of fun events like movie nights, hackathons, monthly graduation parties etc. We also host meet-ups and volunteer in various educational efforts.

In the end, it's all about being and staying the best coding school and having fun doing it.

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Current openings

Social Media Marketing Intern
✪ Marketing
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Full Stack JavaScript Developer
✪ Product
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Javascript Teacher
✪ Teaching
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our Organisation

We make Codaisseur together

At Codaisseur, we teach people how to code using the latest and greatest web technologies. Our team is in charge of teaching, mentoring, and evaluating students all throughout their learning experience, their subsequent job search, and beyond.

As our business keeps growing, we feel the increasing need to capture our roles and processes in a way that is more efficient.

Our team consists of smart, highly skilled, and intrinsically motivated people who want to make a change in our industry. That's why we love the idea of a self-organising company. 

To this end, we adopted a concept called Holacracy to help us manage the processes needed to organise ourselves in the most efficient way.

We also try to measure everything we can, including our team's happiness, which we keep track of with TinyPulse

In 2018, we received the Raising The Bar Award in Education from TinyPulse because together, we consistently managed to improve our team's happiness!