Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Job description

Codaisseur is growing and looking for an experienced JavaScript developer to strengthen our product team. At Codaisseur coding is at the core of what we do - we train people to become web developers - which is exactly why we love using the latest technologies in our own products.

You get energy from coming up with cool ideas & ways that we can improve, and enjoy sharing them with the rest of the multidisciplinary team. And you’re able to actually code these great ideas! You are a team player and enjoy helping other team members, you’ll be working with a designer, product owner, several junior developers & a senior developer.

Working as a developer at Codaisseur includes:

  • Developing software to support, automate, and improve the teaching and student environments.

  • Developing new teaching tools to support a blended learning environment

  • Working with agile methodologies, like Kanban, & working with holacracy

The Job Offer includes:

  • An inspiring workplace with sitting/standing desks, 4K monitors, and a new MacBook Pro;

  • 18 passionate and skilled colleagues in web development, teaching, and other areas;

  • An inspiring environment where we promote and value life-long learning and continuous improvement;

  • Full coverage of travel expenses, no matter where you live in The Netherlands;

  • Free lunch (if there is such a thing :), tea, and coffee;

  • A competitive salary;

  • 25 Vacation days per year;

  • €1K Budget for training and/or conferences plus the time off to attend them;

  • Permanent contract plus stock options within 2 years;

  • Anything else we may agree to: feel free to discuss your needs and preferences.


We expect from you:

  • Willing to take a 4h assignment plus a trial day;

  • Experience in web development;

  • Experience in full stack JavaScript development (NodeJS, ES7, and preferably some TypeScript or another typed language);

  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks (ideally React, Express, Koa, Mocha, Jest, and/or others);

  • Experience with Redux or similar;

  • Experience with data modeling for relational databases (we use Postgres specifically);

  • Experience with DevOps, CI, and Infrastructure Architecture (Docker, Kubernetes, frequently used AWS services, GKE, Microservices);

  • Experience with some newer or more advanced topics such as GraphQL, AI/Machine Learning, UX Design, SCRUM/Agile, Data Science are a plus;

  • Experience with a few other languages is considered a good sign;

  • Fluent in English;

  • A curious mind, and a tendency to continuously wanting to improve the things around you.

You know, ideally. If you are passionate about this, but you don't check all these boxes in experience, we might still hit it off! So don't hesitate to try anyways. :)