Javascript Teacher

Job description

Codaisseur is looking for experienced JavaScript developers who want to teach the students in our Academy. Do you have a passion for people? 

We believe education should be accessible to everyone, that's why we offer a no cure - no pay for our Students. Basically, if our students don't graduate or find a job within the search period then we waive all of their tuition fee! 

Let's bridge the talent gap and help get more underrepresented communities into tech! 💪

Working as a teacher at Codaisseur includes:

  • Teaching and preparing short lectures;
  • Creating teaching materials to help our students reach the learning goals;
  • Evaluating students on homework assignments, mentor them, and - if necessary - select them out of the program;

Please note: Prior experience in education is not necessary; we have a full Teacher Training course in-house!

Job offer benefits: because good people deserve more besides an inspiring start!

  • An inspiring workplace (10 min walking distance from Amsterdam Sloterdijk) with sitting/standing desks, 4K monitors and a MacBook Pro;
  • Classrooms with modern equipment and tools, that enable hybrid teaching;
  • 20 passionate and skilled colleagues in teaching, web development, and other areas;
  • An inspiring environment where we promote and value life-long learning and continuous improvement;
  • Full coverage of travel expenses, no matter where you live in The Netherlands;
  • Free lunches, tea and coffee;
  • A competitive salary;
  • 8 weeks of vacation per year!
  • A personal budget of €1000 for training and/or conferences plus time off to attend them;
  • Stock options after 2 years;
  • Anything else we may agree on: feel free to discuss your needs and preferences.


We expect you to:

  • Take an assignment plus a trial day in front of students as part of the interview process;
  • Have affinity for developing high quality and fun content;
  • Know the drill when it comes to JavaScript, React, Redux, Node, Express and Postgres (or SQL);
  • Speak English fluently, since all our classes are taught in English;
  • Have a growth mindset - you don't just talk the talk, you also walk the walk.

Extra credits if you:

  • Are also fluent in Dutch;
  • Have experience with some newer or more advanced topics such as GraphQL, AI/Machine Learning, UX Design, Python and/or Data Science.

Not for you, but do you know someone who might be interested? Please share ❤️

(unless you're a recruiter, then please know that we don't appreciate your unsolicited services).

Working at Codaisseur: a bit about us

Some call it work. We call it doing what we love — and loving what we do. Technology is everywhere in the world; every motivated person should be able to create technology. We see a gap between what educational institutions teach and what businesses need. We believe in working together to bridge that gap, as this is the only way to make sure economies will be ready for the increasing demand in the technology industry. Education should be ever-changing and evolving.

We dream big, but our focus stays true to the road ahead, being in tune with the moment, embracing new opportunities, and challenging ourselves every day with a great passion for the Codaisseur mission. It's our vision to create a world where you shine, inspire people to celebrate their individuality, and come together as a community. We do this by accepting and encouraging curiosity, excitement, togetherness, and drive.